The 10 Largest Countries by Population (2024)

13th April, 2024


Get ready to discover which nations pack in the most people, and how these numbers are changing.

Population: Over 1.4 billion and growing!

1: India

Population: Over 1.4 billion and recently overtaken by India.

2: China

Population: Around 340 million, steady growth due to immigration.

3: United States

Population: Around 278 million, mostly on the densely populated island of Java.

4: Indonesia

Population: Rapidly growing, exceeding 270 million with a youthful population.

5: Pakistan

Population: Africa's most populous nation, booming growth exceeding 220 million.

6: Nigeria

Population: Largest in South America at over 217 million, but slower growth rate.

7: Brazil

Population: Over 170 million in a small country – incredible population density!

8: Bangladesh

Population: Around 145 million, but in decline due to various factors.

9: Russia

Population: Around 130 million, young population, steady growth rate.

10: Mexico

Population figures are always changing! They reflect birth rates, health, and migration patterns.