Earsplitting Encounters:  Top 10 Loudest Animals on Earth 

 May 26th, 2024

Team LTG

Prepare to be amazed!  These animals produce loud sounds that rival rock concerts or jet engines. 

Clicks and calls reach a deafening 230 decibels for echolocation and communication. 

Sperm Whale

The largest animal on Earth emits powerful, low-frequency calls that travel hundreds of miles underwater. 

Blue Whale

These monkeys live up to their name! Their roars can be heard up to 3 miles away, especially in the dense rainforest. 

Howler Monkey

A flightless parrot from New Zealand with a booming call that carries over long distances. 


Their trumpets and rumbles are not only loud but also infrasonic—frequencies too low for humans to hear. 


A pride of lions roaring together creates a powerful chorus that can be heard from miles away. 


These insects produce high-pitched calls that can reach a deafening 120 decibels. 

Green Grocer Cicada

Uses echolocation calls that reach 140 decibels, deafening to human ears but essential for navigating and hunting. 

Bulldog Bat

Their croaks, up to 100 decibels, create a chorus that fills wetlands and swamps. 

North American Bullfrog

Howling wolves create a haunting sound used for territorial communication and social bonding.