Top 10 States with the Highest Fox Populations in America 

 May 16th , 2024


Curious about which states boast the most foxes? Get ready for a wild tour through fox havens in the US! 

The abundance of prey and diverse habitats make Alaska a prime fox territory. 

1. Alaska 

Diverse landscapes support various fox species, from the desert kit fox to the gray fox. 

2. California 

Wide-ranging habitats, from forests to prairies, provide homes for various fox species. 

3. Texas 

Surprisingly, the Empire State harbors a healthy fox population, even in suburban areas. 

4. New York 

Abundant forests and rural areas offer ample space for foxes to thrive. 

5. Michigan 

The Big Sky Country's diverse terrain supports several fox species, including the iconic red fox. 

6. Montana 

A mix of forests, farmland, and wetlands provides a suitable habitat for various foxes. 

7. Wisconsin 

Similar to Wisconsin, Minnesota's varied landscape supports a healthy fox population. 

8. Minnesota 

From the mountains to the plains, Colorado offers diverse environments for foxes. 

9. Colorado 

Despite the desert climate, several fox species have adapted to thrive in Arizona's unique ecosystem. 

10. Arizona