Beyond Cute: Top 10 Weirdest Dog Breeds That Will Amaze You 

 May 30th, 2024

Team LTG

Forget fluffy and cuddly!  These unusual dog breeds boast looks and personalities that are anything but ordinary. 

This Italian herding dog sports a coat of felted cords that resembles dreadlocks. 

Bergamasco Shepherd

Water dog with a curly, dense coat. Bred to retrieve waterfowl but also loves a good cuddle. 

Lagotto Romagnolo

Another mop-like dog! The Puli's corded coat protects them in the harsh Hungarian climate. 


Mostly hairless with tufts on their head, feet, and tail, resembling punk rockers. 

Chinese Crested

With a curly lamb-like coat and arched back, they're often mistaken for cuddly sheep. 

Bedlington Terrier

Known for their almost human-like expressions, these small dogs have expressive beards and bushy eyebrows.

Brussels Griffon

Massive, droopy-faced dogs with loose, wrinkly skin, often used as guard dogs. 

Neapolitan Mastiff

Hairless and elegant, this breed comes in various sizes and skin colors, often sporting a mohawk. 

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Unique coat patterns ranging from spots to patches, known for their intelligence and versatility. 

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Small, scruffy-looking with a monkey-like face. Nicknamed the "monkey dog" for their playful nature.