Gold Rush! Top 6 Mines Striking It Rich

6th April, 2024


Get ready to discover the epicenters of global gold production, where mountains yield treasures.

Location: Nevada, USA Production: 812,000 Ounces 

1: Nevada Gold Mines

Location: Uzbekistan Production: 3,311,000 Ounces

2: Muruntau

Location: Indonesia Production: 2,990,020 Ounces

3: Grasberg

Location: Russia Production: 1,370,000 Ounces

4: Olimpiada

Location: Dominican Republic Production: 1,184,068 Ounces

5: Pueblo Viejo

Location: Democratic Republic of Congo Production: 812,000 Ounces

6: Kibali

These mines unearth immense wealth and raise environmental and worker safety concerns.