Top 7 America's Deadliest Cities

29th April, 2024


Sadly, violence plagues some US cities. This look at high violent crime rates aims to spark dialogue about solutions.

Consistently tops lists for its high violent crime rate, driven by poverty, inequality, and other complex factors.

St. Louis, Missouri

Economic decline, and societal issues contribute to a high violent crime rate, though it has decreased in recent years.

Detroit, Michigan

Struggles with a high violent crime rate fueled by poverty, drug trade, and a history of social unrest.

Baltimore, Maryland

Poverty, inequality, and limited economic opportunities play a role in the city's high violent crime rate.

Memphis, Tennessee

Racial disparities, poverty, and segregation contribute to ongoing issues with violent crime in this city.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Decades of economic decline and social issues underlie the city's struggle with a high violent crime rate.

Cleveland, Ohio

High poverty, gang activity, and limited resources make Stockton a city with consistently high violent crime rates.

Stockton, California