Top 7 Poisonous Snakes in Florida

3rd May, 2024


Large, potent venom. Warning rattle, but NOT always. Avoid close encounters.

1: Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Thick-bodied, painful bite. Semi-aquatic, found near swamps, lakes, and streams.

2: Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin)

Stunning colors, but highly venomous. Small but packs a potent neurotoxin.

3: Eastern Coral Snake

Tiny but venomous! Its rattle is often too faint to hear, so be cautious in their habitat.

4: Pygmy Rattlesnake

Well-camouflaged, it can be defensive. It has a painful bite, but the venom is less potent than the others.

5: Southern Copperhead

Locally found in parts of FL. Larger with potent venom, best observed from a distance.

6: Timber Rattlesnake

Rare subspecies, similar danger as timber rattlesnake. Limited range in northern FL.

7: Florida Canebrake Rattlesnake

Never try to handle snakes. If bitten, stay calm and seek medical help immediately. Don't harm snakes – they play a part in our ecosystem!

Important Reminder