Top 8 Worst Prisons in Pennsylvania

15th April, 2024


Exploring the state's most overcrowded, dangerous, and inhumane correctional facilities.

New, but already plagued by violence, understaffing, and gang activity.

1: SCI Phoenix

Maximum security, known for violence, overcrowding, and poor medical care.

2: SCI Greene

Aging facility, poor conditions, lockdowns, and underfunded programs.

3: SCI Fayette

Staffing shortages lead to dangerous situations, restricted movement for inmates.

4: SCI Smithfield

Overcrowding = tension and violence. Mental health services are lacking.

5: SCI Coal Township

History of abuse allegations, food quality complaints, poor ventilation.

6: SCI Benner Township

High security, volatile. Complaints of excessive force, limited rehabilitation programs.

7: SCI Houtzdale

Remote, understaffed, outbreaks of violence, mental health neglect.

8: SCI Forest

Overcrowding, aging facilities, lack of resources for inmates and staff, and violence.

Common Concerns

Recidivism rates suggest prisons aren't always rehabilitating, harming individuals and society.

The Human Cost