Toxic Invader: Hammerhead Flatworms Threaten Ontario's Ecosystem

2nd May, 2024


Flatworms with distinctive hammer-shaped heads vary in size but can grow large.

What Are They?

Native to Asia, accidentally introduced, likely through plant trade. Now spreading across Ontario.

Where Did They Come From?

Hammerhead flatworms hunt and devour native earthworms, essential for healthy soil.

They're Predators

They contain a powerful neurotoxin harmful to animals that might eat them.

More Than That – They're Toxic!

Fewer earthworms mean less aeration and nutrient cycling vital to a healthy ecosystem.

Disrupted Balance

Hammerhead flatworms can regenerate from tiny fragments, making eradication tough.

They're Hard to Stop

Don't move soil or plants from infested areas. Report sightings to authorities.

What Can You Do?