Crowns, Coins, and Power:  Unveiling the 8 Richest Queens in History

18th March, 2024


Era: Tang Dynasty (624 - 907 CE) Source of Wealth: Ruled a vast, prosperous empire. Expanded trade routes and fostered cultural and economic growth. Impressive Fact: China's only official female emperor seizing power with cunning and ambition. 

Empress Wu Zetian (China)

Catherine the Great (Russia)

Era: 18th century Source of Wealth: Immense land holdings across the Russian Empire. Promoted expansion and serfdom (a system that enriched landowners). Impressive Fact: A patron of the arts and education with a sharp political mind to match her wealth. 

Cleopatra VII (Egypt)

Era: Ancient Egypt Source of Wealth: Pharaoh of a rich kingdom. Traded luxurious goods with fertile lands along the Nile. Impressive Fact: Known for her beauty, but also a skilled ruler who forged alliances with Rome's most powerful men. 

Isabella I of Castile (Spain)

Era: 15th and 16th centurie Source of Wealth: Unified Spain sponsored Columbus' voyages to the New World, profiting from gold and resources. Impressive Fact: A devout Catholic, her reign also saw persecution and expulsion of religious minorities. 

Hatshepsut (Egypt)

Era: Ancient Egypt Source of Wealth: Expanded Egyptian trade into new territories, dealing in gold, ivory, and exotic goods. Impressive Fact: One of the few female pharaohs, a brilliant strategist and builder. 

Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba (Angola)

Era: 17th century Source of Wealth: Fought strategically against Portuguese colonizers, controlled trade routes, and protected her people from the slave trade. Impressive Fact: A fierce warrior and diplomat, a symbol of African resistance against colonialism.  

Queen Elizabeth II  (United Kingdom)

Era: 20th and 21st centurie Source of Wealth: Head of the British monarchy, extensive property holdings and investments, including Crown Estates. Impressive fact: The longest-reigning British monarch was a figure of stability through tremendous change. 

Ranavalona I (Madagascar)

Era: 19th century Source of Wealth: Reigned over Madagascar with an iron fist, heavy taxation, and forced labor policies. Impressive Fact: Fiercely opposed European influence, earning her the nickname "The Mad Queen."