Walrus Wonderland: 7 Facts to Blow Your Mind

29th March, 2024


Get ready to meet one of the Arctic's most incredible creatures – the mighty walrus!

Giants of the Sea: Male walruses can weigh over a ton, with some as large as a small car!

Tusked Wonders: Their iconic tusks grow continuously, used for fighting, climbing, and even digging for food.

Mustache Masters: Walruses have hundreds of thick whiskers for finding shellfish on the ocean floor in murky water.

Blubber Buddies: A thick layer of blubber keeps them warm in the icy Arctic waters.

Social Sunbathers: Walruses love to pile on top of each other in huge groups on land.

Vocal Variety: They make fascinating grunts, whistles, and bell-like sounds.

The walrus – a truly unique and awe-inspiring animal of the frozen north.