Wanderlust Words: 7 Tourism Slogans That Will Inspire You To Travel

5th April, 2024


Get ready to pack your bags! These slogans capture the spirit of adventure in just a few words.

Country: India Why It Works: Highlights India's diverse and awe-inspiring experiences.

1: "Incredible India!"

Country: Thailand Why It Works: Emphasizes Thailand's welcoming culture alongside its attractions. 

2: "Amazing Thailand, It Begins with the People"

Country: Australia Why It Works: Focuses on Australia's unique landscapes, wildlife, and experiences.

3: "Come and Say G’Day"

Country: Malaysia Why It Works: Showcases Malaysia as a melting pot of Asian cultures and traditions.

4: "Malaysia: Truly Asia"

Country: Iceland Why It Works: Tugs on the sense of inspiration and wonder Iceland evokes.

5: "Iceland: Better Than Space"

Country: South Africa Why It Works: Hints at the endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

6: "South Africa: Inspiring New Ways."

Country: New Zealand Why It Works: Emphasizes the country's stunning natural beauty and environment.

7: "New Zealand: 100% Pure"

A great slogan sparks curiosity, captures a destination's essence, and makes you want to explore!