Where Grasses Reign: Exploring the World's Temperate Grasslands

11th April, 2024


Temperate grasslands are between deserts and forests, have moderate rainfall, and grasses dominate.

What Are They?

Location: Stretching from Hungary to China. Uniqueness: Huge expanse! Home to nomadic herders, Przewalski's horse (last truly wild horse).

Steppes of Eurasia

Location: Central US and Canada. Uniqueness: Once roamed by immense bison herds, crucial for pronghorn antelope, prairie dogs.

North American Prairies

Location: Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. Uniqueness: Rich soils support agriculture, rheas (ostrich-like birds), iconic gaucho culture.

Pampas of South America

Location: Elevated plateaus in the interior. Uniqueness: Diverse grasses, home to zebras, wildebeest, and threatened rhinos.

Veld of South Africa

Location: East coast of the South Island. Uniqueness: Shaped by introduced grasses for grazing, unique birdlife like the wrybill.

Canterbury Plains of New Zealand

Grasslands may look simple, but they hold incredible biodiversity and stories of human connection to the land.