Where History Began: Top 10 Oldest Countries on Earth

25th March, 2024


Formerly Persia, one of the world's oldest continuous major civilizations.

Iran (3200 BCE)

Egypt (3100 BCE)

Home to pharaohs, pyramids, and a rich legacy along the Nile River.

Vietnam (2879 BCE)

Marked by kingdoms, dynasties, and a strong cultural identity.

Armenia (2492 BCE)

Evidence suggests a history far exceeding its official founding date.

North Korea (2333 BCE)

Its legendary founding precedes verifiable historical records.

China (2070 BCE)

One of the cradles of civilization, with dynasties dating back millennia.

India (2000 BCE)

The Indus Valley Civilization is among the most ancient.

A unique culture in the Caucasus Mountains at the crossroads of empires.

Georgia (1300 BCE)

Steeped in biblical history, with origins as the ancient Kingdom of Israel.

Israel (1300 BCE)

Formerly Nubia, home to a powerful kingdom rivaling ancient Egypt.

Sudan (1070 BCE)