Where Tarantulas Roam: Top 12 US States Where Spiders Get BIG

8th April, 2024


The vast and varied landscapes of the Southwestern US are prime tarantula territory.

Southwest Dominance

Texas has everything From deserts to forests! Many different tarantula species thrive here.

1: Texas

Desert tarantulas are abundant here. Watch for them after the monsoon rains!

2: Arizona

Diverse habitats mean there's a tarantula for practically any terrain.

3: New Mexico

Surprising but true! The state is host to the iconic Texas Brown Tarantula.

4: Oklahoma

Various species call California home, from coastal regions to deserts.

5: California

Missouri proves tarantulas aren't just for the desert, with several species residing here.

6: Missouri

Forests and grasslands shelter many tarantula species.

7: Arkansas

These spiders love the humidity and can be found in forests, swamps, and backyards.

8: Louisiana

High plains and diverse terrains provide habitat for several hardy species.

9: Colorado

While not as common, Florida does host several unique tarantula species.

10: Florida

Forested areas house multiple tarantula species, adding to the state's biodiversity.

11: Alabama

Humid forests and grasslands create habitats for a few distinct tarantula species.

12: Georgia