Hold Onto Your Wallets:  The World's Most Expensive Places to Call Home

15th March, 2024


It's no secret the US can be pricey. Big cities, high healthcare costs, and varying costs across states contribute to its place on our list. 

United States


Known for banking and beautiful scenery, Switzerland's high prices match its reputation for quality. Groceries, transportation, and rent will take a big bite out of your budget. 


Iceland's remote location and small population mean imported items come at a premium. However, its pristine nature and strong social programs make the cost worthwhile for many. 


High taxes contribute to Norway's costs. However, excellent social benefits, stunning landscapes, and high salaries often offset the price tag. 


This beautiful island paradise has a hidden cost. The limited availability of goods and heavy reliance on imports make Bermuda surprisingly expensive.


This tiny, wealthy city-state has limited land. Expect sky-high housing costs and expensive cars (the government tries to limit cars on the road).


While small, Luxembourg is packed with financial powerhouses. This makes for high salaries but also a steep everyday cost of living.


Tourism rules the Bahamas, and tourists pay a premium. Everyday goods must be shipped in, increasing everyday costs for residents.


High levels of security and conflict sadly contribute to Israel's cost of living. Housing, especially in bustling Tel Aviv, is particularly expensive.


Social welfare programs in Denmark are extensive, but so are the taxes. Enjoy excellent quality of life, but be prepared for the price tag.


This Caribbean jewel is a favorite of Beautiful properties that come at a cost, and most everyday goods are imported.

Hong Kong

Space is precious in Hong Kong, translating to astronomical housing costs. But it offers world-class dining and a dynamic culture.


Depending on your lifestyle, Japan can be extremely expensive. Imported items, dining out, and Tokyo's housing costs add up fast.


This playground for the super-rich is unsurprisingly the world's most expensive place to live. Everything from real estate to coffee comes with a hefty price tag.