Yellowstone Wonders: 7 Must-See Gems of the Park

12th April, 2024


From geysers to grizzlies, Yellowstone offers wonders around every turn. Plan your trip with these highlights!

The iconic geyser erupts regularly for awe-inspiring views.

1: Old Faithful

Rainbow-hued hot spring, a vibrant masterpiece of nature.

2: Grand Prismatic Spring

Largest high-altitude lake in North America, perfect for scenic boat tours.

3: Yellowstone Lake

Carved by the Yellowstone River, dramatic colors and waterfalls.

4: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Prime wildlife-watching spots – bison, elk, wolves, and more!

5: Hayden Valley & Lamar Valley

Bubbling mud pools and colorful hot springs showcase geothermal wonders.

6: Mudpots & Hot Springs

Terraced hot springs create otherworldly landscapes of vibrant colors.

7: Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone is a treasure trove of natural beauty.  Explore, discover, and be amazed!