Yosemite: Where Granite Giants & Waterfalls Rule

13th April, 2024


Formed by glaciers carving through granite, Yosemite's cliffs like El Capitan are iconic.

1: Granitic Grandeur

Boasts iconic falls like Yosemite Falls, tallest in North America, and Bridalveil Fall.

2: Waterfall Paradise

The largest living trees on Earth grow here, inspiring awe with their size and age.

3: Home to Giant Sequoias

El Capitan's sheer face and Half Dome's unique granite dome challenge and inspire climbers.

4: A Climber's Dream

Yosemite Valley was home to Ahwahneechee people for centuries, leaving behind rich cultural history.

5: Ancient History

Diverse habitats support a wealth of plants and animals, from black bears to meadows bursting with wildflowers.

6: A Biodiversity Hotspot

Remote location offers incredible night skies, a haven for stargazers.

7: Starry Skies

From winter wonderlands to summer hikes, Yosemite offers beauty in every season.

8: A Year-Round Destination