List of 10  Animals and Their Survival Time Without Water

16th February, 2024



The desert icons can last up to 15 days without drinking, thanks to their ability to store water in their humps (which are fat stores) and tolerate significant dehydration. 

Kangaroo Rats

These desert rodents can survive without drinking water! They obtain moisture from seeds and have incredibly efficient kidneys to minimize water loss. 

Sand Gazelles

Adapted to harsh deserts, these graceful gazelles can last several days without a drink, drawing moisture from the plants they eat. 

Thorny Devils

These Australian lizards have a unique trick – their skin absorbs water! They collect dew and can directly channel tiny amounts of water to their mouths. 

Desert Tortoises 

These reptiles can last up to a year without drinking! They store water in their bladders and minimize evaporative losses through their tough shells. 

Fennec Foxes

These tiny foxes get most of their hydration from prey. Large ears also help dissipate heat, reducing the need for evaporative cooling like panting. 

Gila Monsters

Spending up to 95% of their time underground, these lizards reduce water loss, and their fat-storing tails act as water reserves. 

Addax Antelope

This critically endangered desert antelope utilizes metabolic water gained from its plant-based diet and minimizes water loss by concentrating urine. 


These large desert antelopes have highly adapted metabolic processes to conserve water and can raise their body temperatures to avoid evaporative sweating. 

African Elephants

While relying on regular water sources, elephants go longer between drinks as they use their trunks and tusks to dig for underground water.