10 Highest Mountain Peaks in the world   

5th February, 2024


Mount Everest 

The undisputed king, crowned at 8,848m, its slopes hold stories of triumph and tragedy. 


The "Savage Mountain," notorious for its unforgiving terrain, rises to 8,611m, a challenge even for the most seasoned climbers. 


"The Five Treasures of Snow" stands at 8,586m, boasting breathtaking beauty and cultural significance. 


Neighboring Everest at 8,516m, it offers stunning views for those who dare to tackle its challenging slopes. 


Nicknamed "The Black Giant" for its imposing presence, it reaches 8,463m, demanding both skill and stamina. 

Cho Oyu 

Meaning "Turquoise Goddess," this 8,188m peak is considered the easiest among the 8,000m giants, attracting many climbers. 


"The White Mountain" rises to 8,167m, offering diverse landscapes and testing climbers' resilience. 


Nicknamed "Mountain of the Spirit," its 8,163m summit rewards hikers with stunning panoramas and cultural encounters. 

Nanga Parbat 

"Killer Mountain," at 8,126m, holds a reputation for being one of the deadliest, demanding respect and experience. 

Annapurna I 

Meaning "Goddess of Plenty," it soars to 8,091m, known for its treacherous beauty and avalanche dangers.