10 Threats of Climate Change

Written by Soumi mitra

Unless we decrease emissions fast, the globe is expected to heat up by more than 2°C.

Rise in Global Temperature

Rising temperature causes melting of glaciers and ice shield

Glacial Melt

Whenever the oceans warm up, they extend, causing sea levels to rise

Rise in Sea Level

Change in Weather Pattern

Extreme weather occurrences are intensifying and becoming more common.

Ocean Acidification

The carbon dioxide released by humans is absorbed by the oceans, causing ocean acidification

Ocean Current Variation

Salinity of the water bodies adversely impacts ocean currents

Frequent Heat Waves

Heatwaves have been the worst worldwide weather danger in recent years

Severe Flood Occurance

Rising sea levels increase the chance of floods by melting of glaciers and ice sheets

Scarcity of water and drought

Changed rainfall pattern causes scanty rainfall in places resulting into serious drought

Loss of biodiversity

Climate change adversely affects the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, finally ends into loss of biodiversity

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