6 Creatures that live near the volcano 

Volcano Dwellers

6th February, 2024


Galapagos Marine Iguana 

Picture a prehistoric-looking reptile sunning itself on volcanic rocks. This unique iguana basks near lava flows, absorbing heat to regulate its body temperature. 

Lesser Flamingo

Imagine wading through a scorching hot lake. For the lesser flamingo, it's a spa day! Their scaly legs withstand the heat, and their beaks filter out salt from the mineral-rich waters. Talk about a fiery feast! 

Volcano Rabbit 

Nicknamed the "teporingo," this tiny bunny hops through Mexico's volcanic mountains. Adapted to thin air and loose ash, they find shelter in lava tubes and feast on the hardy plants that grow in volcanic soil. 

Vampire Ground Finch 

This Galapagos finch sips blood, but not from veins. They use their sharp beaks to peck on the backs of boobies and marine iguanas, feeding on tiny parasites. Talk about a unique adaptation to a harsh environment! 

Loihi Shrimp 

Dive deep into the Pacific Ocean, where hydrothermal vents near underwater volcanoes spew superheated water. Here, the Loihi shrimp thrives in the darkness, grazing on bacteria that use the vent's chemicals for energy. 

Martinique Frog 

Imagine living near an active volcano that erupted in 1902, killing thousands. The resilient Martinique frog does just that, inhabiting the lush rainforests on its slopes. They even lay eggs in volcanic pools, proving life finds a way, even in the shadow of fiery mountains.