List of 8  Fastest Snakes  in the World

14th February, 2024


Black Mamba (Africa)

Widely considered the fastest land snake globally, capable of bursts over 12 mph. Their potent venom adds to their fearsome reputation. 

Eastern Brown Snake (Australia)

Highly venomous and surprisingly agile, these snakes can reach speeds close to 9 mph when pursuing prey or feeling threatened. 

Coastal Taipan (Australia)

Not only known for its fiercely toxic venom, the coastal taipan also moves lightning-fast, with recorded speeds surpassing  8 mph. 

Inland Taipan (Australia)

While more shy than its coastal cousin, the inland taipan is one of Earth's fastest (and most venomous) snakes. 

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake (Pacific and Indian Oceans)

Not a land snake, but extremely fast in the water, it uses a paddle-shaped tail to propel itself at remarkable speeds. 

Southern Black Racer (North and Central America)

This non-venomous North American snake relies on speed (approximately 4 mph) to catch prey and avoid predators. 

Boomslang (Sub-Saharan Africa)

These tree snakes possess excellent eyesight and strike with rapid accuracy. While shy, their venom demands caution. 

Western Green Mamba (West Africa)

Their vibrant green scales stand out in contrast to their incredibly fast strikes and potent venom.