Top 10 Indian Navy Vessels Protecting the Country's Maritime

14th February, 2024


INS Vikramaditya

The Indian Navy's flagship, capable of deploying fighter jets for enhanced power projection and long-range operations. 

INS Vikrant

India's first indigenously designed and built aircraft carrier, entering service in 2023, a symbol of the nation's growing naval prowess. 

INS Arihant 

India's first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), providing a nuclear deterrent and a crucial part of India's nuclear triad. 

INS Chakra

A nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) leased from Russia, enhancing the Indian Navy's underwater capabilities. 


Advanced guided-missile destroyers equipped with anti-ship, anti-air, and anti-submarine capabilities. 


An even more technologically advanced class of destroyers with enhanced stealth features and a more extraordinary array of weapons systems. 


Multi-role frigates featuring stealth design and weapons for anti-air, anti-ship, and anti-submarine missions. 


Improved Russian-designed frigate variants featuring robust missile systems and long-range endurance. 

Tank Landing Ships

Can transport and deploy troops, armored vehicles, and cargo supporting amphibious operations. 

Survey Vessels

Conduct critical hydrographic surveys to enhance the Indian Navy's operational effectiveness