The Mystery of Lonar Lake 

India's Pink Lake 

9th February, 2024


Is it magic or science? 

Is it magic or science? Let us explore the secrets of India's unusual pink lake

Cosmic Creation

Lonar Lake was formed around 50,000 years ago by a meteorite impact, making it the only hypervelocity impact crater in basaltic rock on Earth. 

Unique Ecosystem

Lonar Lake's salty, alkaline environment creates a unique and thriving ecosystem, attracting fascinating animals and plants. 

The Blush of Lonar 

In an intriguing phenomenon, Lonar Lake periodically changes color, shifting from greenish hues to a captivating pink for short periods. 

Scientific Enigma 

Here's what might cause the transformation: High salinity triggering algae blooms with reddish pigments. Presence of Halobacteriaceae, microbes known for their pink hue.

Myth and Legend

The Lonar Lake is shrouded in a mix of science and local legend, its color change inspiring tales and mythology within the surrounding communities. 

Visit the Wonder

Located in Maharashtra, India, Lonar Lake has captivated visitors with its enigmatic beauty. Make it part of your next Indian adventure!