Top 10  Poorest Countries  in Africa 2024

as per GNI and GDP Report

17th February, 2024


Central African Republic

● Years of violent conflict have devastated the nation, leaving its people deeply impoverished and struggling to access basic needs. ● Rich in natural resources, but exploitation and mismanagement have yet to translate into benefits for the population.


Faces the triple threat of terrorism (e.g., Al-Shabaab), frequent climate shocks like droughts, and political instability, severely impacting economic growth and poverty reduction. 


● It is one of the world's most densely populated countries, putting strain on land and resources and increasing food insecurity. ● Political tensions and human rights concerns add to the difficulties of breaking the poverty cycle.

South Sudan 

● Despite oil resources, conflict, and mismanagement limit widespread benefits. Elopement and perpetuating severe poverty. ● Despite oil resources, conflict, and mismanagement limit widespread benefits.


● Prone to cyclones and flooding, disrupting agriculture and damaging infrastructure, leaving many impoverished. ● While holding economic potential, corruption and a dependence on a few extractive industries limit inclusive growth.


● Situated in the harsh Sahel region, Niger faces recurrent droughts and food insecurity, pushing people into deeper poverty. ● Rapid population growth puts a strain on already limited resources.


● It has unique biodiversity, but deforestation and poor resource management harm its people and environment. ● Cyclones and other natural disasters frequently strike, worsening a difficult situation for many.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

● Wealthy in resources, but conflict in mineral-rich regions and a history of poor governance have plagued the DRC. ● Inequality is pronounced, with the benefits of wealth rarely reaching the general population.


● Landlocked, heavily reliant on agriculture, but prone to erratic weather patterns, making farming difficult. ● More infrastructure is needed to ensure economic advancement.

Sierra Leone 

● Still recovering from a long civil war and the lingering effects of the Ebola outbreak, leaving many without stable livelihoods. ● It holds natural resource potential but needs help with responsible and transparent management.