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28th January, 2024

Soumi Mitra

These venerable institutions are not just centers of academic excellence but are also repositories of centuries-old traditions and rich history. From the medieval streets of Italy to the historic libraries of England, each university has a unique story that echoes the evolution of education and scholarship.  

University of Al-Qarawiyyin

Year of Foundation: 859 (as a madrasa, gained university status later) Location:  Fez, Morocco Special Feature:  One of the world's oldest educational institutions, significant in Islamic studies. Founded by a woman.


University of Al-Qarawiyyin

University of Coimbra

Year of Foundation: 1290 Location:  Coimbra, Portugal Special Feature:  Famous for its beautiful campus and Baroque library, Joanina Library.


University of Siena 

Year of Foundation: 1240 Location:   Siena, Italy Special Feature:  Known for its Law and Medical Schools, reflecting the city’s medieval heritage.


University of Naples Federico II

Year of Foundation: 1224 Location:   Naples, Italy Special Feature:  Established by an emperor, it's one of the oldest public universities.


University of Padua

Year of Foundation: 1222 Location:   Padua, Italy Special Feature:  Famous for its medical school and the world's first anatomical theatre.


University of Cambridge

Year of Foundation: 1209 Location:  Cambridge, England Special Feature:  Prestigious for its rigorous academic standards and notable alumni, including Isaac Newton.


University of Paris

Year of Foundation: c. 1150 (ceased in 1970, restructured as 13 universities) Location:  Paris, France Special Feature:  Known as "La Sorbonne," it played a critical role in early development of the humanities and sciences.


University of Salamanca

Year of Foundation: 1134 Location: Salamanca, Spain Special Feature:  One of the leading institutions in Medieval Europe, famous for its contributions to Spanish language and literature.


University of Oxford

Year of Foundation: 1096 Location: Oxford, England Special Feature:  Renowned for its centuries-old traditions and deep academic heritage.


University of Bologna

Year of Foundation: 1088 Location: Bologna, Italy Special Feature:  Considered the oldest university in the world, known for its historic law school.