Top 4 Clove Producing States in India

15th February, 2024


India plays a significant role in the global clove market. Here are the states leading the way in clove production:


Situated in the Western Ghats, Kerala's high altitude, humid climate, and fertile soil make it the leading clove producer in India. Districts like Idukki and Wayanad are major clove-growing areas. 

Tamil Nadu

The Nilgiri Hills region in Tamil Nadu boasts a favorable climate for clove cultivation. Districts like Kanyakumari and Coimbatore also contribute to the state's clove production. 


Specific regions of Karnataka, primarily the hilly areas of Kodagu and Chikmagalur districts, are ideal for clove plantations. Goa: While smaller in scale, Goa contributes to India's clove production due to its suitable climate in specific regions. 

Northeast India

States like Assam and Meghalaya hold the potential for increased clove cultivation. With favorable climatic conditions, efforts are to expand clove farming in some regions of these Northeast states. 

Why Grow Cloves?

Culinary Value: Cloves are an essential spice in Indian cuisine and for sweet and savory dishes globally. ●  Medicinal Properties: Used in traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda for their perceived health benefits. ●  Clove Oil: Extracted oil has uses in fragrances, flavorings, and potential medicinal applications.