Top Dragon Fruit Producing States in India

17th February, 2024



The leading dragon fruit producer with farmers adopting organic cultivation methods and drip irrigation, boosting yields. 

Andhra Pradesh

Particularly districts like Anantapur and Chittoor, its climates are well-suited for dragon fruit production. 


Farmers utilize water-scarce areas in regions like Nashik, Pune, Satara, and Sangli to cultivate dragon fruit. 


In the Kutch region, water-limited areas prove surprisingly hospitable for dragon fruit production. 

Tamil Nadu 

While still smaller-scale, farmers in some districts, notably Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, and Dharmapuri, are venturing into dragon fruit cultivation. 

Reasons for Growing Popularity 

1. Adaptability: Dragon fruit thrives in dry climates and requires less water. 2. Health Benefits: Its nutritional profile and antioxidant content add to its appeal. 3. Rising Demand: Dragon fruit commands a reasonable price with growing urban demand.