Let’s Talk Geography is about the discussion of different concepts of a variety of fields of the discipline – Geography. It has several subcategories. Let’s Talk Geography tries to give a glimpse of all those fields of the discipline. Collecting, analyzing, and nurturing of areal differentiation, spatial variation of the environment, human activities, the interaction between man and nature. etc. all are part of the study of this branch.

The word Geography has derived from the Greek word ‘Geographia’ which means ‘earth’s description’. Geography is the study of places, features, phenomena, etc. Geography describes the relationship between man and his surrounding environment. The study of Geography includes both physical properties and features of human society.

Geography is treated as the Mother of all Branches of Knowledge. Geography, as a discipline of knowledge, shares a connection with all other branches of knowledge. Although the study of geographical facts and phenomena has a long history, it emerged as a discipline in the academic field in the latter part of the 19th Century. This branch of knowledge has become gained popularity among the learners fast.

To study different branches in detail, the field of Geography is broadly divided into a few branches. The major branches of Geography are – 

2. Human Geography

Human Geography

6. Demography/Population Geography

Population Geography

8. Political Geography

Political Geography

9. Regional Geography

Regional Geography

10. Maps and Cartography

map and cartography

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